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�Silent� is a magnetic reed switch shorting mechanism. When unplugged, the tip is grounded to prevent hum.

2 pole 1/4" professional phono plug, gold plated contacts, red rubber overlay, silent switch. The silentPLUG� automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. The integrated silent switch is based on REED-technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 10000 mating cycles. The new PX silentPLUG� features a rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubber cushion overlay for improved shock protection.

  • Avoid pops and squeals
  • Hermetically sealed switching contacts
  • Lifetime beyond 10'000 mating cycles
  • Slim plug with industry proven and reliable chuck type cable strain relief
  • Sleek attractive design for convenient handling and connections
  • Rubber overlay on straight housing for best shock-protection and reliability
  • L-D versions available which accommodates cable O.D. up to 8 mm

�� HEAVY DUTY PLUG - All Metal - Silent - Mono - NEUTRIK

GST Included
  • Code NP2X-AU-S
    Type Mono
    Colour Silent*
    Price Type each
    Manufacturer Neutrik
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