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What We Offer

What We Offer

Sales and Supply of Audio, Lighting, Visuals

Hire of Audio Equipment

Installations- Short Term, Permanent and Domestic.

Custom speaker builds

Audio Tech - Sound Engineering live and recording

Production Management and assistance

My Story So Far...

Roadie Night Fundraiser

Events have always been a big part of my life whether going to concerts, music in local venues, the theatre, markets, exhibitions, community events, sporting functions, parties, weddings, the list goes on. I realize that it's what puts spice in my life. I have been employed professionally within the events industry for almost 2 decades, which has given me professional experience in all facets and types of events including touring, musicals, exhibitions, community, fundraisers and festivals.

From as far back as I can remember I always had a passion for music and the collaboration of the arts. As an aspiring guitarist I wanted an electric guitar though could only dream of buying a new one, so I re-built one and my passion for instruments and technology began. I spent most of my younger years playing music, making short films and going to see any show I could. I hoped to one day be setting up my own gigs!

High School finished and I found myself employed setting up exhibitions whilst studying a performing live music course. I would watch and listen as the audio, lighting and visuals would be getting set up, and at school I'd try to put that into practice, sound mixing and fixing minor issues that would arise during practice. I soon realized my true passion wasn't

performing itself, but the whole show or event as a collective. It's like a movie; its the vibe of the whole event that makes the emotion to create long lasting memories. Following this realization I then went on to study audio lighting visuals in event projects, and kept mixing for the musicians from school in the meantime. It was not long before I found myself working in theatre's during winter and festivals and music in the summer. Living the Dream.

I found myself eventually having many different roles in the industry starting as a crew member with theatre and rock n roll, operating follow spots, audio engineering, backstage mech, touring mech, stage assistant and long and short term audio visual installs.

I also created a fundraiser that continued for 6 years. I eventually returned to study, where I completed an Event and Business Management Diploma. With extra strings on my bow I went on to production manage, stage manage and assist in audio visual projects. The building of Frequent Harmonics has seemed like another natural progression, a way that I can bring professionalism to the community as well as to the industries and arts that we have all grown to love.

My Story So Far

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Contact Us

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